Simple event décor ideas

So you want to dazzle your guests with stunning event décor. Whether you are nervously planning your first event or a seasoned veteran, one tenet universal to all event planning is maximizing your budget. Therefore, the trick is to be strategic with your event décor. You can absolutely dazzle your guest on any budget, it just takes a little ingenuity. As my beloved Douglas Adams says, Don’t Panic. Even if you feel you have the creativity of a wet rag, there is hope; ingenuity is not as elusive as you might think. I picked up a simple technique from the always clever Thomas Frank, and that is to follow Dan and Chip Heath’s SUCCES model to create memorable ideas. I like to think of each item of their SUCCES acronym as a question.

The Succes Model

Simple: what is the core of the idea?
Unexpected: how can you surprise people?
Concrete: can the idea be grasped and remembered latter?
Credible: is the idea believable?
Emotional: why should your audience care about the idea?
Stories: what is the story that your idea tells?

Without further ado, I am going to show you some simple event décor ideas that won’t eat up your entire budget. Of course we will talk about ways to customize each idea to suit your event’s brand. If you haven’t developed your event’s brand yet find out why it is essential here.

Flora and Fauna Event Décor Ideas

Your perfect event décor materials might be as close as your backyard. Adding elements from nature to your décor lends your event authenticity and elegance.

Tea Cup Succulents 

Having living plants as part of your event décor is like transporting your guest to a soothing forest glade, regardless of your venue. Succulents are easy to care fore, therefore you won’t be pulling your hair out during the hectic last minute countdown.  Check out these for inspiration.

Wrapped glass candle holder